SimSurg Research Center

San Francisco , California
Project Description

CHA designed a state-of-the-art Surgical Simulation Education Center. This was a high-tech approach to training surgeons, anesthesiologists & nurses using computer-controlled mannequins instead of patients. The Center also creates an environment where companies can introduce & test innovative equipment & technologies, to prove their safety & effectiveness under life-like conditions. A few of the features the   Education Center offers are: A link to the first high definition Operating Room in the U.S., & distance learning & teaching capability through podcasting and high-definition video conferencing.

“For years pilots have trained on flight simulators, practicing their skills and learning new ones, to make flying safer,” says Stephen Lockhart, M.D., Ph.D., “That’s what our Surgical Simulation Education Center allows us to do, to train our surgical staff in new techniques, and practice how to respond to emergencies, to create an ever-safer environment for our patients.” (Washington Post).

  • Highlights
    • Teaching Facility
    • Real-Time Video Training
    • First of Its Kind Facility
  • Client

    California Pacific Medical Center